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      Huafon Chemical Co.Ltd.established in December 1999,is the first listed spandex company in China(stock code: 002064).
      The company has two production bases in Wenzhou and Chongqing.As a national high-tech enterprise and the first batch of the"Resource-conserving&Environment-friendly" pilot enterprise in China,,Huafon's productivity now is the largest in China and the second in the world.As Huafon's R&D Institute,Zhejiang Huafon Fiber Research Institute is focusing on the research,development and industrialization of fibre products.

      And Huafon has built a perfect sales and after-sales service network in China Turkey, Korea and other places...


      Enterprise Scale & Strength

      Huafon Chemical possesses the biggest single-entity production factory in the world. The scale and batch mode of production has ensured the high cost-performance of products and provided ...

      Excellent Qualities

      The advanced technological process and product facility as well as smart process-control system have guaranteed the superiority and stability of the products quality.

      Social Obligation

      To be a “Bee-type” Enterprise

      Huafon believes that the social obligation is not the one that is imposed on the enterprise, nor is it merely a charitable deed. It is the intrinsic duty of the enterprise, an important component of brand ...

      “Bee-type” Enterprise is a Typical of Sustainable ...

      Bees are one of the ancient species in the world, existing on this planet for more than 30 million years.Bees gather nectar and make honey and, at the same time, pollinate pollen to plants to ...

      Product and Service
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